Our culture and values

Our culture and values


At MTN we believe that our culture is a strategic asset that allows us to succeed. We express our culture through our values ??and our vital behaviors. We believe in a culture of openness, collaboration and complete accountability to achieve our goals. By inculcating this to MTN employees, we ensure that we are able to achieve our strategy and, ultimately, our vision and mission.

Our values??

Leadership What it means for us:
  • Leading by example
  • To be a source of inspiration
  • Provide vision
  • Be responsible, Take charge
  • Be reliable
Expressed through behavior: Total Responsibility.
Innovation What does this mean for us?
  • Be creative, have new ideas
  • Doing things differently
  • Being original
  • Focus on solutions
  • Thinking differently Expressed through behavior: Concrete Action.
Relations What it means for us:
  • Working together, cooperating
  • Share ideas in teamwork
  • Be caring and friendly
  • Show respect
  • Contact Expressed through behavior: Active Collaboration.
Integrity What it means for us:
  • Keep your promises
  • Do what's right
  • Be honest with others and yourself
  • Be reliable
Expressed through Behavior: Total Franchise.
Can do What it means for us:
  • Be positive
  • Believe in yourself
  • Show the will
  • Endure and have courage
  • Believe it can be done
Expressed through behavior: Concrete action.

Focus on gender and diversity

The strength of our brand is reinforced by the diversity of our employees. Whatever your gender, your origin, MTN Cameroon is proud to welcome you.